Project Consultant

RODGS provides consulting services across different stages of real estate development.

Such as pre-purchase project analysis, feasibility analysis, project design consultant, project tax and legal adviser.

After the beginning of the project, RODGS helps customers coordinate the development and management of the whole project, assist customers to dock with designers, planners, engineers and other professionals with the company’s successful development experience, and support clients to complete the RC and BC plan.

In addition, after the completion of the project, RODGS can also provide support in sales, marketing, advertising and other aspects.

RODGS’s consulting services can helping clients maximize the profits of the project with costs, time and return rate balancing.

RODGS Services and Benefit


Project feasibility analysis.

RODGE can analyze different kinds of information and development direction of land before investors purchase land and help investors make the possibly best decision.

RODGE Assist can provide the feasibility analysis to the investor, draw up the basic outline for the cost, time and return of the project.


Project tax and legal adviser.

RODGE can help investors in regards of tax and legal arrangements before land purchase. Help customers reasonably minimize tax and risks.


Project design and construction consultant.

RODGE can give professional advice in the any stages of the project to reduce project costs and improve efficiency.


Co-ordinate RC and BC applications.

RODGE can help clients to coordinate planners, designers and engineers to process RC and BC applications on behalf of clients or attend the project meetings to provide customers advice.


Project sales consultant.
RODGE can assist customers to set up sales websites, make video and VR sample rooms, and compile promotional materials during project sales.