Real Estate Development Management

RODGS provides one-stop development project management solution.

Help customers to conduct in-depth analysis of the project at the beginning stage of project plan, provide feasibility analysis reports, develop and design preliminary plans, profit analysis, timeline and other reports.

RODGS assists client to coordinates with designers, planners, engineers and all other professionals that’s needed for the project. Help clients to find most balanced solution for the development with our experience and then complete the Resource and Building Consent process.

RODGS organizes site construction. Interior design, various building materials selection and coordinates with all sub-contractors so that the construction can be carried out efficiently and smoothly within estimated timeframe.

1. Analyze and purchase

At the initial stage of project purchase, conduct in-depth analysis of the project and provide feasibility analysis report, including project due diligence, development and design preliminary plan, profit analysis, time line.

2. Design

Help customers coordinate the development and operation of the whole project, assist customers to dock with professionals such as designers, planners, engineers and so on, and support clients with the company’s professional development experiences.

3. RC and BC application

Prepare RC and BC plan with professionals, and submit to council for approval.

4. Site construction

Arrange the construction of the project. Complete interior design, selection of various building materials, communication arrangements with contractors and various professionals so that the project can be carried out quickly and methodically, and can be completed smoothly within estimated timeframe.

Advantages of RODGS Development Management

Professional team.

We have a professional team: registered architectural designers, interior designers, registered engineers, project managers and registered carpenters. From the design of the project, geological exploration, structural design, to project management and site construction, we have licensed professionals to follow up the whole process.

Innovative technology.

Based on your demand and budgets, dream houses are tailored to you through our excellent team and VR modeling technology.

In project planning, you can raise ideas for the project and select the materials on your own with the help of architects and professional consultants.

Tailored to your expectations.

So that your house will beyond expectation.

One-stop service.

New Zealand’s construction industry has high standards and strict control and complicated application procedures.

Our professional team is committed to providing customers with a more convenient and efficient one-stop service: from project budget planning to design, from support of application submission to final approval, from project management and quality control to site construction, we are here with you throughout the process to ensure that the project is completed with assured quality and timeframe.

Rich experience.


We have 15 years of experience in construction and property development and undertake many different types of projects: townhouses, apartments and various complex projects.